Online Business Meetings

of the Defence and Security Community

14-15 September 2020

The Defence and Security sector has been affected in recent months by the cancellation of EUROSATORY and other trade fairs. Keeping the link between the different stakeholders is necessary to maintain the land and airland Defence & Security community active and updated.  This is why COGES EVENTS will hold the “CONNECT”, online business meetings on September 14 and 15, 2020. 

Dedicated to the entire Defence and Security community, companies, governments, international organisations and research centres, the two days online meetings will allow to hold selected and quality programmed appointments.

The company Proximum, a European leader in the organisation of business conventions and provider of business meetings for Eurosatory, organises for COGES EVENTS these online interviews which take place in videoconferences format with the fully secure Vimeet platform.

Why to take part?

  • Make the online business meetings you hoped for Eurosatory 2020.
  • Boost your contacts and develop your business network with potential customers, suppliers commercial and technological partners.
  • Improve your business, your image and your know-how through the meeting platform and webinars.
  • Receive a validated and personalised meeting schedule upstream according to your needs and your attendance.
  • Benefit from a secure service and technical support during the event.


The price includes:

  • the registration at the event
  • access to the participants’ platform and profiles
  • the organisation of the meetings

Sponsorship and additional scheduling requests per participant options are not included. Option prices are indicated during the registration process.

*The profiles are validated by the COGES and Proximum teams


Pricing based on participant’s profile (French and International)

Contractors and Suppliers

EARLY BIRD OFFER: € 200 excl. VAT until 15 July 2020

REGULAR PRICE: € 250 excl. VAT from 16 July 2020

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EARLY BIRD OFFER: € 200 excl. VAT until 15 July 2020

REGULAR PRICE: € 250 excl. VAT from 16 July 2020

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Start-Up / Research Centres

EARLY BIRD OFFER: € 75 excl. VAT until 15 July 2020

REGULAR PRICE: € 100 excl. VAT from 16 July 2020

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FREE OF CHARGE from 16 June to 15 July 2020 included

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Associations / Clusters / Chambers of Commerce and Industry

FREE OF CHARGE from 16 June to 15 July 2020 included – applying to entities and not to their member companies

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Registration process


I register online by filling out my company presentation form and indicating my offer and requirements


I book my unvailable slots on my calendar (on my Participant’s space).


I check the catalogue and book my meeting requests*


I click on “meeting management” and validate or refuse received proposals.

the Vimeet algorithm optimises your meetings by considering your unavailability and those of all participants

Planning of meetings

  • A few days before the event, I receive a notification with my meetings schedule.
  • I can still request new meetings until the day of the event. The appointments will be positioned according to the availability of participants.
  • D-Day: I can follow my calendar live on my smartphone. I get an SMS notification in case of any change occur in the schedule.