GICAT, a professional group, created in 1978, has over 200 subscribers, representing some 330 members, corporations, mid-market companies and SMEs. These members cover a wide range of industrial, research, service and consulting activities for military and civil organizations, of national or international scope, involved in land and/or air-land security and/or defense.

GICAT represents the interests of French land and air-land defense and security industrial players based on four objectives:

  • Organizing dialog between the institutional and industrial players of the sector
  • Offering services to its members to encourage their development in France and abroad
  • Creating an environment favorable to exchange between industrial players
  • Developing the industrial expertise and image of the sector

The international ambitions of GICAT are reflected in its international exhibitions, EUROSATORY in France, Expodefensa in Colombia and ShieldAfrica in Ivory Coast, organized by its subsidiary, COGES, and a certain number of other defense and/or security exhibitions overseas.

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